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        Notice on Password Reset for Campus Wireless and VPN

        Date: Nov. 23rd, 2020


        Attention: All Faculty, Staff and Students

        In order to enhance the campus wireless network security and protect personal privacy, all users are required by Network Operation Centre to perform an one-time password reset (for Wi-Fi/VPN/Hostel password, etc.) through https://pass.xmu.edu.cn/ according to password reset policy duringNov. 23rd and 30th, 2020.

        It is suggested the new password should be strong enough, which contains at least 8 characters in length and at least 3 mixed combinations of uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters.

        Do remember the new password after resetting. It is required to re-establish the connection of the campus wireless network XMUNET+ by clicking “Forget Network” or “Change Password” setting on your electronic devices such as mobile phone, PAD, laptop and etc.

        A random password will be automatically generated for those who neglect resetting the password after the deadline. However, it is also available to reset the password through https://pass.xmu.edu.cn/ by campus unified authentication system after Dec. 1st, 2020.

        This password is mainly used for the authentication of campus Wi-Fi and access of digital resources subscribed by Xiamen University Libraries via https://webvpn.xmu.edu.cn/.

        It is strongly recommended to be cautions of your daily Internet use habits, adopting various “strong passwords” for different purposes to ensure privacy and security of your email, campus ID, internal systems, “My Library” and social media accounts as well.

        Please ask for assistance from your colleagues or course mates when encountering any difficulty. Feel free to contact us via  serviceATxmu.edu.cn or phone via +86 592 218 3508 for further questions.